In such

In such And the pocket mirror put on the middle of a plate will serve as a pond.

In such game the child learns not only to watch plants, but also to look after them.

From time to time the garden needs to be watered.

Collection of stones Age: years.

Number of players: Give to the child a task to look for stones of a certain look.

For example, today it is necessary to find a round stone of white color.

On the next walk look for a black or green stone, transparent or with a hole.

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Somebody Pictures which they drew byl exactly as in the book.

They even could write about what this book.

To help the child to develop images, we adults have to understand that it is knack exists in software.

When the child studies an image of the tiny person, it can cure the illness or the parents or relatives.

Somebody living in Sapporo.

His yearold son had warts.

Using an image of the tiny person it mother told the son: present that in your body many little people and they treat your warts.

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Has to admit, however, that

Has to admit, however, that They in every respect beautiful girls.

I always am ashamed for that these girls should work hard because they were born poor while I all life teach girls to make own bed from provided families which do not have enough energy.

Has to admit, however, that itself I hate making a bed.

My poor excuses that I have so many another matters, do not make any impression on children.

They mockingly giggle when I justify that it is not necessary to expect from the general that he cleaned garbage.

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THE CAT CATCHES In case of difficulty the teacher himself makes the story asks the child to spread out pictures according to his story.

THE CAT CATCHES THE MOUSE TASK Equipment: subject pictures: on the first the cat saw a mouse at considerable distance; on the second the cat runs behind a mouse; on the third the cat comes nearer to a mouse, ahead a mink; on the fourth the cat sits at a mink, and the mouse is not present, the tip of her tail fig.

is slightly visible.


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For each

For each These indicators were once again standardized, average value of an indicator of formation of skill of reading in the surveyed population of children and its standard deviation was calculated.

For each pupil there was a relation of its individual indicator of formation of skill of reading to a standard deviation and an indicator in population of pupils of the same age group.

If total value of an indicator of formation of skill of reading the child was less than a minus two sigma, it testified to the normal level of formation of skill and the child joined us in control group.

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